My Head Is Spinning: 30 Dizzy Years

This week marks the 30th birthday of one of the icons of the 8-bit era: adventurer, boxing glove wearer and all-round good egg, Dizzy. So, to mark the occasion (and breathe life back into the retro-gaming blog here), here’s a quick rundown of Dizzy’s greatest adventures, ordered from least good…


Game Review: Ghostbusters

If you follow me on social media it may come as no surprise that Ghostbusters was a favourite of mine back in the day; which is slightly odd because my parents wouldn’t let me see the film, which came out when I was ten, so I compensated by playing the…


Star Wars Retrogaming


To celebrate the geek in-joke turned global holiday that is Star Wars Day, here’s a round-up of some unofficial (and frequently rubbish) Star Wars related retrogaming you may or may not be aware of. Text adventures A long time ago, before computers had realistic (or indeed any) graphics or sound,…