The Chip Whisperer: cover design contest

Hot on the heals of my last post, Bit#1 of The Ambivalence Chronicles now has a title – and it’s none of the possible options I offered then.

So, heading your way before the end of the year will be Bit#1 of The Ambivalence Chronicles: The Chip Whisperer.

And over the last few days I’ve run a contest at (more on that later) to find the perfect cover – and annoyingly I now have three perfect covers. Of course we all know There Can Be Only One, so I’m asking for your feedback on the final three before I make a choice.

The three finalists can be found here, so please take a minute to click through, rate and comment on the designs and help me make the best final choice. I love them all, so I’m giving no clues beyond the following:

The Chip Whisperer is a short comic fantasy novel with an 80s video game vibe and Douglas Adams wannabe humour. It is the first in a series, and some elements of the final cover will be carried forward onto later covers.

Some minor changes may be made before publication – possibly in light of your comments! – but one of them will be recognisable as the cover.

So please click on through, comment below, or follow my social media links to let me know your thoughts!

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