The Ballad of Matthew Smith (ebook)


The true* story behind ZX Spectrum programming legend Matthew Smith and his famous creations, Manic Miner and Jet Set Willy.

*not independently verified



Matthew Smith is a largely unremarkable computer programmer from Surbiton, who just happens to have landed a rather lucrative contract for his latest game, Bootlesquith Manor.

To celebrate his good fortune, he pops down to Frank’s Outdoor to get a few tinnies, and share the news with his good pal Frank – whereupon the off licence is robbed and Matthew knocked out.

Or so it seems; until he and Frank find themselves in a wholly more colourful version of Surbiton, watched over by the ominous looking house on the hill – Bootlesquith Manor itself.

The Ballad of Matthew Smith follows their strange odyssey through the fictional house and their attempt to return home for a well-earned beer.

Purchasing the ebook gains access to epub, mobi (Kindle) and pdf versions for instant download.


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