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It’s been a little erratic here lately, what with having a day job, and summer holidays, and novels to write; and I had once planned to do a proper write up of the Revival Solstice retrogaming fest that happened last weekend, but, well I haven’t really got the time.

Suffice to say, there was pinball, arcade cabinets, consoles, handhelds, Sinclair and Commodore living together, mass hysteria… All manner of 8- and 16-bit computers were in attendance; I got the chance to play Sabre Wulf on an Enterprise 128, and the obligatory Jet Set Willy on some format I hadn’t tried before. My ten year old got her first look at classic Sonic: ‘This game’s so fast!’ said she. And there were also some oddities in attendance like the Nintendo Virtual Boy and the Dragon Professional.

There was plenty of retro goodness available to buy – unless you wanted Sinclair games in which case you were a bit limited. Still, I did come away from the Retro Lucky Dip with a tidy copy of Super Cycle for the Amstrad CPC, so that’s gotta be a bonus.

And now, although as a writer I utterly refute the claim that a picture tells a thousand words, here’s a few thousand words in pictorial form.

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